1. Mike Sheath

2. Jake Melhuish

3. Matt Harding

4. Will Hastings

5. Jason Milton (2)

6. James Stone (1)

7. Sam Taylor

8. Jake Cleverley

9/13. Cameron Burns

10. Matt Girle

11. Alex Pullen

12. Ben Delbridge

13. Josh Lay (1)

Scorers: J. Milton (2), J.
(1), J. Lay (1)

Basingstoke began the game well, with a near
miss in the first few seconds and keeper Mike Sheath pulling off
a few admirable saves to keep the score level, but Portsmouth weren’t to be
denied and soon took the lead with a well placed shot. Basingstoke responded
well, and battled away for the rest of the quarter, conceding a penalty, and
winning one at the other end, which was neatly tucked away but James

The start of the second quarter saw the
appearance of Cameron Burns in goal
for the Bluefins. Again Basingstoke started well, but Portsmouth came back at
them with a pace of play and physical strength that Basingstoke could do little
to stifle. A few good goals from the visitors and some bad luck turned the
score line against the home side, leaving Basingstoke trailing at half time.

With Mike Sheath back in
goal for Basingstoke at the start of the second half, the home side cut a more
composed, clinical figure when they took to the pool again, helped along by
some words from the coach Iain Masson. Some good
moves and improved style of play meant that Basingstoke put more pressure on
the visitors, and as a result scored a good goal from the fingertips of Jason
After only conceding one goal, Basingstoke ensured the
deficit was not increased.

The final quarter saw Portsmouth come out with a
determination and desire to see the game was put beyond the home side’s reach,
and despite a very good effort from returning keeper Cameron
there was little he could do to stem the flow.
Nevertheless, he saw out the game with a cool headed approach and helped
Basingstoke through their highest scoring quarter of the match, with another
goal from the pit courtesy of Jason Milton and a
strong penalty tucked away by Josh Lay. Final score: 16-4


From the captain:

-We maybe need to focus on
making sure we all stay goalside of the players we are supposed to be marking.

-need work on man ups

-we played some scrappy/suicidal passing, we need
to make sure all the passes go to the hand of the man.

From the coach, Iain Masson:
''Overall, the team tried hard and appeared to listen to tactics.
Unfortunately, Portsmouth were older, stronger and better organized than we were
most of the time which left us always chasing back. This made it difficult for
us to get any sort of attacking rhythm going. We only really started to get
anything like a defense/offence play going in the last quarter. Man of the
match for me was Alex.''

From the chairman: ‘’There was a good turn out
for the 'B' game against Portsmouth, playing a side with only eight players.
With youth and fitness on our side as well we should have done better and were
constantly caught on the counter. It was a good chance for the younger players
to play a 'mens' match and for Cameron to have a chance to show his skills in
goal. As reports might say 'must try harder'!’’

Thank you and well done to
all who played!

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