For those of you who are unaware of who I am, my name is Ben Caulfield, I’m 25 years old of Grantham decent and my favourite colour is blue. The expertise that I offer the league stem from being involved in a sports marketing company for the last four years, in that time I have worked with most of the top 100 spenders in advertising and secured sponsorship deals for clubs as high up as Manchester United down to the likes of Northampton Town and Notts County, I’m still young and I’ll readily admit I have a lot still to learn but I’m fairly sure I can prompt a start to commercial deals and god-willing in the long-term broadcasting, but be aware water polo is in the dark ages commercially speaking and has been for a good number of years, what I will propose to the committee and to the league will not happen over night and it may take longer than people may expect to reap the benefits. So there is an introduction, I’m not frightened of being controversial and whilst I see myself as an internal optimist I know when I’m beaten.

The purpose of this email is as follows; I want to hear from anyone who has their own ideas or suggestions, whether they be on how the league is structured in the future, the length of the season, how many games we play in a weekend, what its aims should be for the next 3-5 years, or you may have a new as yet unheard idea that will make the league more commercial perhaps, whatever they are I’d like to hear them, regardless of how outlandish you may feel they are. Please speak with your club members no matter what age they are, I had my first idea when I was 19 but before that I was creating concerts for 2000 people, there maybe a 16 year old out there that has in his or her head the answers to the future of British Water Polo, I’d liked to hear everyone’s opinions!

Feel free to contact me with your comments and thoughts by return of this email or if you’d rather discuss it over the phone then please do so on 08456 445 445.

Thanks again to all those of you that voted me in.

Kind regards,


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