Team: Sean O'Brien, Mark Lowery, Phil Parfitt, Gerry lay, Brad McBain, Hilton Quinn, Pauline Lipscombe, Kelli Bird
Coach: Dave Bush

Basingstoke B 9, Southampton Uni B 5

With Christmas only a few weeks away, Basingstoke B team headed down to the Jubilee Sports Centre for the last match of 2005, looking to finish the year on a high.

Southampton looked to be a formidable side with plenty of subs and the home advantage. A-team goalie, Brad McBain, immediately showed everyone why he plays in goal, by winning the ball from the start and opening the attack... then missing an easy lob of the keeper. D'oh! Seconds later Mark copied with an identical shot and again the Southampton Uni keeper saved it. Sean then had a go with a backhander but the Uni keeper could save these all day. Basingstoke were going to need to get smarter if they wanted to beat the Uni keeper.

Then it was Southampton Uni's turn to attack and their number 10 was very lucky to sneak a shot under Gerry's arm after a scramble in the goal mouth, which just bobbled over the line to start the scoring off 0-1 to the Uni. Basingstoke quickly recovered with some smart play by Mark and Hilton which drew the Uni keeper off his line, leaving Hilton to take an easy goal to level the score at 1-1.

The second quarter got off to a great start, as Phil Parfitt, made a break down the left and found a weakness in the Uni keeper to bouncers, 2-1 to Basingstoke. The rest of the quarter was quite static with neither side getting the advantage. Southampton's number 9 managed to get one back to level the scores at 2 all. Then towards the end of the quarter, Basingstoke were awarded a penalty, which Mark put neatly away to close the first half at 3-2.

The third quarter was where it started to get tough, and Basingstoke showed real class by getting going from the outset. Mark, Sean, Brad and Hilton had sussed out how to beat the Uni keeper, by drawing him to one side. This led to some waterpolo wizardry and 3 quick goals by Brad, Mark and then Brad again to leap the score upward to 6-2. It was now universally accepted that victory was a mere formality and some craziness set in...

Southampton Uni's number 10 shot an easy lob at Gerry and was as surprised as Gerry was embarrassed that it slipped through his fingers to give the Uni an easy goal 6-3.

Phil then decided to give the Southampton number 6 a severe telling off and the rest of the team watched as Phil switched into school teacher mode and was heard to say "You'll regret it if you try that again".

Basingstoke then had a very lucky escape as a Uni goal was disallowed for standing. Fortunately one of the Uni refs plays for our Ladies team :)

Phil, now back in 'polo mode, slammed one into the crossbar, then a few seconds later as the ball bounced back into play tucked his next shot neatly under the Uni keeper's arm to bring the score to 7-3.

The Uni refs must have been feeling guilty for disallowing the last Uni goal, so to even things up they sent Pauline out for no apparent reason. In the confusion that followed Southampton Uni scored to close the quarter at 7-4

The fourth quarter opened with what Gerry claimed is the only Uni goal he's not responsible for letting in, as Sean fumbled the ball in the Basingstoke goal mouth. Southampton punished immediately to bring the score to 7-5. This was maybe the wake up that Basingstoke needed as what followed was probably the best Basingstoke goal of the match. Mark made a great break down the right and received a perfect pass from Gerry. Hilton then positioned himself perfectly on the Uni 4 metre line and then broke free of his defender to receive a pass from Mark and bury the ball in the Uni net. 8-5.

Southampton attacked back, and Sean was majored out. Some great defending by Kelli saved a goal, but left Kelli on the side with alleged toe cramp. Minutes later Brad is also complaining of toe cramp. Sounded like a suspicious case of toe sex.

Hilton closed the game for Basingstoke with another great goal from the hole man position to bring the score to 9-5. Despite Southampton's best efforts, some great keeping from Gerry kept the score that way.

Final score 9-5 to Basingstoke

Man of the match: Mark for some great goals and assists
Donkey of the match: Gerry, for fumbling that lob in the 3rd

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