Team: Heloise Hayakawa, Jo Hopkins, Julia Middleton, Katherine Walker, Kelli Bird, Laura Murray, Leanne Bird, Pauline Lipscombe, Sally Mitchell

After the two matches played in the London League last weekend, Basingstoke were hoping this weekends adventure would be slightly less exhausting! However, the team weren't exactly sure what to expect as no one knew how good the opposition were!

The opening 10 seconds were a bit of a shock as Dame Alice took an early lead after a stunning shot from 7m. Basingstoke however were slightly relieved when Sally Mitchell took off for goal a few seconds later. Anticipating a goal, the Basingstoke team relaxed. Somehow however Sally managed to have a few issues when trying to pick up the ball and practically handed it to the keeper - thus earning herself the title of 'Donkey of the Match'. Never before has this title been earned in the first 30 seconds of a match!!

This 'miss an easy goal' scenario was repeated only seconds later by Laura Murray, who was relieved that the Donkey title had already been awarded! Thankfully the scoring was opened by a more reliable shot from Kelli Bird! Basingstoke were on their way! The first quarter produced 5 more goals from Basingstoke to take the score to 1-6.

The second quarter was extremely successful with 5 more goals from Basingstoke, including goals from Sally and Laura to slightly redeem themselves! Dame Alice were prevented from scoring by a tight Basingstoke defence and some excellent saves from goal keeper, Jo Hopkins. The quarter ended 1-11.

After a blitz on goal by Katherine Walker and Kelli Bird, Basingstoke produced a very satisfying 7 goals during the third quarter. A solid(ish!) defence prevented Dame Alice from scoring anymore than 1 goal. The quarter finished 2-18.

The fourth quarter ended 3-23 after 5 more goals from Basingstoke, including 2 from Pauline Lipscombe who hadn't ventured near the goal for the whole match until the last remaining minute - what does that tell you Pauline?? She was heard to mention something about a bad back - excuses, excuses!

Goals throughout the match came from Heloise Hayakawa (3), Laura (2), Julia Middleton, Sally (3), Leanne Bird, Pauline (2), Kelli (6) and Katherine (5). The team were all very well behaved and the match ended with no major fouls.

The final of the cup now awaits and the team are plotting how to dispose of Otter Ladies, the team they face in the final, before the match as they won't provide such an easy game!

Woo-Man of the match: Katherine Walker

Donkey of the Match: Sally Mitchell

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