Basingstoke Bluefins Ladies Tournament Report

Culdrose 2011

Team sheet:

2. Michelle Foulkes-Lamb

3. Emily Griffiths

4. Kate Boatswain

5. Sue Harwood

6. Hannah Chilton

9. Pauline Lane

10. Holly Campbell

11. Claire Liggins

13. Sally Way

Day 1

Game 1

Basingstoke Ladies 1-2 Barnstaple Ladies

Scorers: H. Chilton (I)


Basingstoke ladies started the tournament off with the first game to be played on the Saturday, and the girls hit the ground running with Claire Liggins winning the swim off, and letting Basingstoke take control of the game with the ball in possession. The girls attacked the Barnstaple goal, but seemed to be struggling to find the final finish to their moves. Holly Campbell impressed in goal, with confident saves and accurate passes out to her team mates, and Emily Griffiths (fresh back from university life) showing how the training there helps by tirelessly swimming the pool to help her team mates. Basingstoke hit the post a few times, and Michelle Foulkes-Lamb was unlucky to have a shot not go in. After conceding a goal from a player-down situation, Basingstoke went into the half way point with a come back needed. The second half started well, with Hannah Chilton forcing a good save from the Barnstaple keeper, but then the girls found themselves in a two-player up attacking formation, one they really should have capitalised on, but the final shot could only make the side netting. This miss from the great opportunity meant they were still a goal down with not long left to go. What made it worse, the Barnstaple ladies were running the clock down, desperate to hold onto their lead under the onslaught of the Basingstoke attack, but the girls weren’t to be denied and after a clever interception from Pauline Lane, Basingstoke found the net with a low powerful shot by Hannah Chilton. If only they could stop themselves from conceding, they would have earned themselves a good 2 points, but despite some admirable goalkeeping from Michelle Foulkes-Lamb, Basingstoke missed another good chance in a player-up move, and conceded what may have been a debatable goal, but one which nevertheless stood. The time ran down, leaving the girls with no time to pull one back.

Game 2


Basingstoke Ladies 1-3 Devonport Ladies

Scorers: H. Campbell (I)

The girls got back into the pool eager to turn around the loss of their first game with a win against Devonport, and hopes were high, with Claire Liggins again winning the swim off, but once again Basingstoke just could quite put the finishing touches onto their attack, and as a result fell a goal behind when a powerful shot from Devonport flew into the top corner. This seemed to wakeBasingstoke up, and they started to look more dangerous on the attack. Unfortunately, when they conceded a penalty for jumping, they were dealt a harsh blow when the penalty was missed, but the decision to retake it was given, and then when the retake was missed it was only on the rebound could Devonport finally put the ball over the line.

Basingstokegot back into it in the second half with Holly Campbell firing a shot into the top corner, before they were unlucky once again and conceded a third. There was still time to get back into it, but sadly the girls couldn’t hit the target as often as they needed to, with too many shots coming off the bar and post, and not crossing the line.

Game 3

Basingstoke Ladies 0-2 Newquay Ladies

The girls conceded their worst defeat of the day against Newquay, losing by a two goal deficit and not managing to score any for themselves. All the action came in the first half, with some good work at the start by Sally Way and Kate Boatswain, and another near miss on a player-up situation, before conceding a goal to a good lob shot. The chance to come back may have still been there, butBasingstoke conceded another penalty, and although the ball looked like it had not crossed the line, the referee judged it had so the goal was given. Another missed chance on a good player-up in the second half sealed the defeat for Basingstoke, who would have to take the positives from the game that they were shooting on target a lot more, and unfortunately in this match they were just being saved by the impressive Newquay keeper.

Game 4

Basingstoke Ladies 8-1 Southampton Ladies

Scorers: H. Campbell (5), H. Chilton (III)


Basingstokegot into the pool needing a win to make sure that they were to play on the Sunday – a situation the men had found themselves in only a year previously. Whether it was inspiring words from the coach Gerry Lay, or just the prospect of the men taking bragging rights this year, Basingstoke really turned on the style, and from the second when the girls first took possession, Basingstoke turned into a relentless, unstoppable goal machine, with Holly Campbell and Hannah Chilton both scoring a brace in the first half, and although a slight setback occurred when Southampton scored one of their own, nothing could hold back this torrent of goals that the girls had been looking for all day. The second half turned into even more of a thrashing for Southampton, with Holly Campbell netting a hat trick and Hannah Chilton scoring a good penalty to take their total to 8, a score unbeaten by any other team at the tournament. Basingstoke had well and truly found their form, and had bulldozed their way into the 3rd/4th play off on the next day.

Day 2


3rd/4th Place Play off Final


Basingstoke Ladies 2-1 Barnstaple Ladies


Scorers: H. Campbell (I), M. Foulkes-Lamb (I)


Returning to the pool on the second day to try and secure a third place finish, Basingstoke knew that although Barnstaple had got one over the girls on the day before, this was a different game, one they were determined to win. With Claire Liggins rounding off the weekend by winning the swim off twice more (meaning she didn’t lose a swim off all weekend) Basingstoke took the game to Barnstaple, and before the opposition knew it, Holly Campbell had tucked the ball into the back of the net. They were not content with only one goal though, and before Barnstaple had realised quite what was happening, Michelle Foulkes-Lamb had put them 2 goals behind. Basingstoke wanted to win this and their tenacity and drive to beat the other team was perhaps best evident in Hannah Chilton conceding two major fouls in the first half. A penalty at the end of the first half however pulled a goal back forBarnstaple. Despite this minor set back, Basingstoke held onto the slender lead they had, and defended the second half well, not conceding any, meaning they finished the competition having only won 2 out of 5 games, and still managed a third place podium finish – an impressive feat indeed.

Final Position: 3rd

Top Goalscorers:

1st Holly Campbell (7)

2nd Hannah Chilton (4)

3rd Michelle Foulkes-Lamb (1)


From the captain, Pauline Lane: From the start we knew as a team that the matches would be hard as only half of the team were made up of Basingstoke players, and had trained together, and we didn't have a goalie. None the less we went out with a positive outlook and played well as a team. Some unfortunate decisions by the referrees on the Saturday lead to a couple of disappointing scores but we bounced back and fought well to finish in third. As the day went on we seem to know where each player would be and you could see a real improvement in the set ups and play, if only all the matches were played in the afternoon as I'm sure we would of made the final! Basingstoke tend to play better in longer games and with the games being so short it was difficult for us to get into a match before it was over. Overall it was good to see the team gel and play well together. A special thank you to those who volunteered to go in goal, and to Michelle, Sue, Holly Kate and Sally for joining us for the weekend.’

Thank you and well done to all who played!

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