The mens A team extended their Hampshire league unbeaten record with a well deserved victory of away to Bournemouth.

The Bluefins showed great character and team work to come from behind to beat the home team 11 - 8.

Bournemouth had home advantage in the narrow and shallow pool. This was helped by the greater numbers of the Bournemouth team, Buefins only had 1 sub.

Bournemouth tried to take advantage of the numerical supremecy by working hard in the first 2 periods. By half time they were leading 6 - 3. Bluefins were kept in the game by 2 great distance strikes by man of the match Paul Adams and a goal by Ben Naylor.

The strong Bluefins team work started to pay off in the 3rd period. Bluefins wore down the home team, with good goals from Alan Fairhead, Trace Morgan, Dave Trewhella and Paul Adams. Solid defensive work from Steve Paton and goalie Brad Mcbain kept Bournemouth at bay. Bluefins finished the 3rd period 7 - 6 up.

Going in to the last period Bluefins kept up the pressure and 2 more excellent long range strikes from Adams, a lovely back hander fron Fairhead helped Bluefins close out the game as 11 - 8 winners.

Captain Paton was especially pleased with the great team work shown by the Bluefins, in light of recent dissapointment in the Lady Richmond Brown tournament.

Bluefins were:

Brad Mcbain, Steve Paton, Paul Adams, Ben Naylor, Trace Morgan, Alan Fairhead, Dave Trewhella & Andrew Wilcox