Venue: Basingstoke Aquadrome

First match starts at 13:00

Promoter: Gerry Lay

Details are downloadable.

Team managers to report to match table at 12:30

8 teams:-Andover, Basingstoke, City of Southampton, Southampton University Weymouth, Bournemouth Portsmouth and Hampshire u/19

The format will be 2 leagues of 4 teams.

2 halves of 5 minutes running clock. Play will need to keep as close to schedule as possible.

NOTE: no timeouts permitted due to allocated pool time. (unless due to injury)

All teams to supply 1 ref as scheduled in order of play list. For the play-off, places will be arranged on the day.

All games subject to ASA rules. In the event of a tie on point’s winner will be decided in the following order:

  1. Goal difference
  2. Goals Scored
  3. If still tied winners to share trophy

League A
City Of Southampton

League B
Southampton Uni
Hants U/19

Order of Play