Ladies Team: Kelli Bird, Pauline Lipscombe, Lizzie Godfrey, Lizzie Eyre, Nicky Stewart, Julia Middleton, Sarah Curtis, Jo Hopkins, Gilly Wise, Meg

B Team: Gavin Bridger, Paul Adams, Trace Morgan, Bradley McBain, Hilton Quinn, Matthew Hodgkin, Jeff, Paul Hunt, Mike Hammond, Matthew, Alex

Pistols at Dawn!

You can almost here the western tune of tension playing in the background, and with big pounding hearts the two Basingstoke teams look each other in eye, ready for the battle of the sexes!

The whistle blows and the first quarter is under way. Gilly goes head to head with Matthew H for the ball and wins. The ladies have the first advantage. The men retaliate straight into the ladies half but Jo makes a magnificent save, much to the men’s shock! It goes out for a corner and after a few uncertain passes Trace bounces the ball into the back of net, nearly taking Jo’s face with it! Undeterred, Jo fights off a couple more attempts on goal. The ladies struggle in this quarter despite the clean passing and good movement. Paul H is in goal for the men, a tough man to beat, and makes several what look like easy saves. The post denies Kelli a goal after a fantastic swim from Sarah down the pool with a defender hot on her tail. The men score another goal making it 2-0 to them at the end of the quarter.

This did not look good for the ladies but they went into the second quarter with great determination. With Paul A now in the men’s goal Pauline decided to take a shot from just under 7m. This was a fantastic lob that fell nicely into the back of the net, leaving Paul A speechless. While he is left with his mouth open Hilton got possession of the ball for the men and swam it towards goal. One on one with Jo he makes the shot, but she saves it much to Hilton’s disappointed. Keeping the score line down, Jo makes a couple more good saves. Pauline, seeing another opportunity to lob Paul A, is on fire with her second goal despite a miss just before, bringing the score line to 2-2 for the second quarter.

It is neck and neck into the third quarter. Gilly wins the ball which ends up in Lizzie’s possession. Out on the left of the pool Lizzie searches for the pass. Her team mates are screaming at her from the bench to shoot. You could see she was not sure but went for a full power lob that cruised into the goal, leaving Paul A standing, or should that be floating. The men counter attack and after been spun by Trace, Lizzie gives chase only to be sent out for swimming over his back. In a man up situation the men pass the ball round but a lame attempt at catching the ball by Trace resulted in it going out of play – a wasted opportunity by the men but one that the ladies took full advantage of. The ladies attacked the men’s goal and Nicky lobbed Paul A (can you see a pattern!) for the ladies 4th goal. The men tried to fight back but shot wide giving the possession back to the ladies. The ball fell in front of Meg and she performed a perfect back hander sliding the ball into the net. Ending the third quarter 5-2 to the ladies.

We are now in the fourth and final quarter. The men are losing and they do not like it – they want to win! Paul H slams one in the back of the net before Jo could blink. This was closely followed with a lob by Alex – his first goal and his first match! Trace was not going to let that be it and planted one behind Jo not long after. It was 5-5, anyone’s game. The heat was on, but who was going to crumble. A stunning pass from Nicky to Lizzie’s hand resulted in her scoring whilst on her back, making that her second goal for the team. The men attacked but Jo performed another vital save. It was back to the Ladies. During this attack the men went a man down allowing a high shot to be played into Gilly so she could tap it into goal (a shot she had attempted several times in the match!). The men failed to score again leaving Sarah to score the next goal for the ladies in the last minutes. With 3 seconds to go and a man up, the ladies team called a time out. It was decided that Jo would pass the ball into Kelli who would take a last shot at goal for a clear victory. The men had lost the plot by now, and not being able to face the ladies scoring against them again they all piled into the goal, making it an impossible task to score. A clean pass, catch and shot were executed but a dubious 2 hand save from a field player prevented that last nail in the coffin. But it was too little too late for the men. The ladies won the match 8-5 and won the battle of the sexes, proving that girls ARE better than boys!!

The ladies coach Gerry was extremely pleased with their performance, making good passes, looking for the advantage and keeping possession of the ball – even with huge men pounding down on top of them! A big congratulations to the whole team, it was an excellent match.

A distraught men’s coach (Bushy) could not comment on his team’s loss, something he claimed was impossible before the match. Never underestimate the ladies!

Ladies woo-man – TBC
Donkey – there isn’t one because we all played so well!