Team: Mark Lowery, Michael Hammond, Brad McBain, Nicky Stewart,
Andrew Wilcock, Ross Corbishley, Ben Cook, Paul Wesley, Matthew Hodgkin, Rob
Stone-ward, Hilton Quinn, Allan Fairhead;   Coach: Dave Bush

Basingstoke B 13, Portsmouth 11

Last time we played Portsmouth at Collingwood it was a close match, with Basingstoke narrowly winning 7-6. Is home advantage going to make a difference this time?

Portsmouth take possession from the swim off, but Basingstoke quickly win it back and are up challenging the Portsmouth goal immediately. Allan opens the scoring against Trevor, playing as Portsmouth goalkeeper, and its 1-0 Basingstoke. Portsmouth strike back quickly with goals down the left and right hand sides from number 5 and 7, to bring them ahead at 1-2. Hilton then makes his presence in the side known with a goal from 2 metres to level the scores. Portsmouth respond with 3 more goals to close the quarter 2-5 to the visitors

A change of Basingstoke keeper as Nicky steps up for a spell in the net. Starting well Nicky makes a great save. Basingstoke then have a goal cruelly disallowed by the ref, Gerry, and while they are all recovering from the shock, Portsmouth number 7 scores to make it 2-6. Brad now out on pitch makes his presence felt by launching a rocket shot from 5 metres which slams into the back of the net, 3-6. Allan then takes on Portsmouth on his own, with 3 quick goals in succession. A slight mix up on the shot clock then allows Portsmouth to score, so the first half finishes 6-7.

Second quarter and Portsmouth strike first with a goal after 41 seconds from Portsmouth number 5. Brad responds for Basingstoke with a shot from halfway, leaving the keeper no chance, 7-8. The juniors are getting in on the action with a shot off the post from Matthew, levelling the scores at 8 all. Allan breaks down the left and scores to put Basingstoke in front for the first time at 9-8. Portsmouth quickly respond to level it again, 9 all. At this point its all too much for young Paul, who has a Smirnoff moment, and passes to the Portsmouth keeper. Majestic Mike isn't flustered and drives one home from 5 metres to push Basingstoke ahead again at 10-9. Allan breaks again down the left and with a devastating finish put Basingstoke 11-9 up as the quarter ends

Portsmouth come out blazing in the final quarter and number 5 scores after 40 seconds, 11-10. Tensions then mount and Brad is fouled by the Portsmouth keeper. Unfortunately the penalty is shot wide of the left post by a fuming Brad. Less than 30 seconds later, Brad makes amends for his miss by scoring  a blinder from halfway, 12-10.

Allan gets in on the action, but his shot flies over the cross bar. Brad then intercepts a Portsmouth pass, allowing Basingstoke to break again, but to no avail. Portsmouth storm back and number 5 blasts a bouncer past rookie goalkeeper Hilton, who was otherwise having a great quarter.

Allan tries to secure the game for Basingstoke, but his shot is wide of the mark. Its left to Ben, to show us why he's junior captain, by finishing the scoring for Basingstoke with a deft flick past the Portsmouth keeper.

Final Score 13-11 to Basingstoke

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