The swimming club web site now includes a Discussion Forum to improve communication within the club. Water Polo has it's own section, which will not only give everyone a platform to air their views and have discussions about any aspect of the club, without extremely long "copy-all" email conversations, but will also increase exposure to water polo within the swimming club.

In order to post messages and/or replies, you must first accept the conditions of the Forum and Register. Gradually this will replace the Notice Board section of the swimming club site.

The Forum is referenced from the swimming club home page. You can go directly to the water polo section via

What is a Discussion Forum?

An on-line discussion forum supports communication by providing an area of a web site where a community of users can communicate with each-other. This is important because it allow members of the club to express their views on the affairs of the club.

What does it do for Bluefins and its members?

For Bluefins, this will improve communication in several ways:

Firstly, it provides a mechanism for any of the people who run the club to get a message out to the membership. In the past, we have strictly controlled who can change the Web site, partly because of the skills needed and partly to avoid accidental corruption. This capability can be important if, for example, there is a problem with one of our pools and we need to cancel a session.
Secondly, it provides a structured mechanism for members to provide their views and ask questions.

How do I use it?

To access the Bulletin Board, go to (or click on the link on the homepage).

Operation is pretty self-explanatory.

Anyone may view the contents. Only registered users may post messages or responses. We recommend that you take the time to register. This give you access to a very useful feature. Once you have registered, you may login every time you return to the site. When you login, there is a link at the top right of the screen which allow you to see all "posts since your last visit". This means you can visit the site for a few seconds on a regular basis to see if anything has changed.

There are some basic rules and policies which you must agree to before you are allowed to register. People who do not conform to these rules will be blocked from posting messages to the site.

You may already have registered your details with us. You will need to register again for the discussion forum. This is because we need you to confirm that you accept the conditions.

There are lots of options on the registration page. The only ones that you have to fill in are the four at the top of the screen marked with an asterisk, then go to the foot of the screen and click on submit. By all means review the rest of the options. If you don't understand the questions, then the current default setting will be fine!


This is the first time that we have tried to do this and I am sure we have got things wrong. Please use the Feedback category at the bottom of the welcome page to report problems and suggest improvements.

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