Team: Nicky Stewart, Gerry Lay, Hilton Quinn, Ross Corbishley, Mike Hammond, Paul Grishin, Brad McBain, Matthew Hodgkin, Ben Cook, Mark Lowery, Kelli Bird, Lizzie Eyre, Andrew Wilcox, Tom Penrose

Coach: Dave Bush

Basingstoke B. 9 - Southampton B. 11

Literally dozens (well, maybe a dozen) of people turned out to witness this famous county derby. Quarter 1 started badly for the home team, as Southampton scored almost immediately. Assisted by the majestic Mark, looking handsome in his glistening white hat (hang on, who's writing this???), Kelli opened Basingstoke's scoring, quickly following-up with a second only twenty seconds later! Basingstoke then went man-up and Matthew (who shouldn't be reading this in his ICT lesson...) lobbed the keeper to make it 3-1 to Basingstoke. The quarter continued positively with a break from Mike down the left, who received a long pass from Nicky in goal and drew the Southampton keeper towards him. This free'd-up Ben on the right, who comfortably received and finished with a fine shot, bottom-right. Southampton then woke up and proceeded to score 4 goals in quick succession, which were so boring that they're almost not worth mentioning, closing the quarter 4-5 to the visitors.

The Second period was started spectacularly by Ross with an equalising goal on 15 secs, lobbing the keeper. The visitors raced back into the lead with a deflected shot. Paul strayed from his usual impeccable form with an absolutly shambolic two-handed catch, giving away possession. The quarter closed 6-5.

A remarkable second goal by Matthew opened the 3rd quarter after 41 seconds, lifting beleaguered Basingstoke fans. Matthew then won a foul, quickly passed to Mike on 5 metres, who put the ball in the top left corner of the net! Tom, with the same sense of direction as a whale in the Thames, got out 1/2-way down the pool on the wrong side, and was promptly allocated a major from which Southampton scored, making it 7-all. A bit later into the quarter Mark received the ball from Kelli, then sliced through the defence like a barracuda, and then scored (apparently deceiving the goal keeper and putting the ball top-left, or something like that). There was a bit of a goal-mouth scramble at the Home end and unfortunately the away team scored. It was still anyone's game, with the quarter ending 8-8.

Gerry stepped up to the challenge of manning the goal for the last quarter; Oh dear.... Pauline ,on the table due to injury, woke up when she had a rare moment of excitement as she finally got the opportunity to wave her flag, signaling the excluded player (which one we can't remember) back into the match. Unfortunately her waves weren't noticed soon enough for the Basingstoke team as Southampton managed to capitalise on the man-up and score. Lizzie sustained an injury to her arm (cry-baby!), and had to leave the pool of play in some pain. One of Southampton's 2 lady players cruelly lobbed our 5'2" keeper in a move that shouldn't be allowed under Fina rules against such a short-ass. We have the table to thank for our next goal, by missing a resetting of the shot-clock, giving Basingstoke possession, which Hilton took full advantage of and scored another for the Bluefins. Gerry (now in goal) humoured the numerous spectators (ok, the table and a couple of Mums and Dads) with some potentially inspired defending of the ball, with some pretty impressive wild arm-flailing. Unfortunately, it didn't work and the Southampton attacker took the ball and stuck it in the back of the net. His second "Windmill" impression was more successful, but the score was already out of Basingstoke's reach on 9-11.

Good performance all round, and a vast improvement on the last time we played this team.

Man of the match: Kelli Bird - two fine goals in the first quarter

Donkey: Gerry Lay! - best windmill impression this side of Holland

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