Following Sunday's (11/12/05) meeting here's a summary of the meeting to remind people of their commitments and plans agreed for the coming year. With Chris stepping down as coach Trevor has volunteered to prepare the team for the 2006 season.

  1. It looks like we will be in Division 3 next year. Going on this years results we would be "seeded" as the 7th team of 8.
  2. So that we don't totally flop in this division we need to be better prepared than we were generally last season. To achieve this everyone at the meeting agreed to:-
    • Train to be stronger/fitter ready for September 2006 8 minute quarters etc...
    • More pre-season friendlies
    • Attend the dates below at Basingstoke ( exceptions to be agreed by Trevor) possibly more as we build up to the season.
  3. On the financial side it was proposed that the subscription would remain at £110 for the year this will cover the entry in the league and league expenses also it should be noted that this goes towards the training costs and equipment, not just for the right to play
  4. For any specific game we shall play what Trevor deems as our strongest team where ever possible the rest of the squad shall be used to give these players breaks as required.

    NOTE the Strongest team could differ depending on the make up of the opposition, and could change during a match. I would like to start collecting the money as soon as possible in the new year. For those that wish to spread payments please contact Gerry for a standing order form that you can complete and present to your banks.

    Training dates.

    These are all Sundays, in the water from 8:30 - 9:30pm (Gerry correct me if I'm wrong). There will be some pre-training discussion at a number of these sessions. I will give specific details on the times to turn up closer to the each date, but for now can everybody note that you should be on poolside by 8pm on the 15th Jan.

    15th Jan (Meet at 8pm on poolside)
    5th Feb
    19th Feb
    5th Mar
    26th Mar
    16th Apr
    7th May
    28th May
    18th Jun
    9th Jul
    30th Jul

    These are the dates that everybody should attend. Can you let Trevor know if you can't make any of these dates. These sessions will be focused on training as a team and will involve specific game practices.

    Separate workshops for individuals to practice specific skills that need to be developed will also be developed.

    Beyond this people are expected to take responsibility for their own training - to include, but not limited to: FITNESS, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, SKILLS and SWIMMING. If anybody would like any help with these then let Trevor know. And if anybody would like to organise regular 5-aside football, basketball, gym or dodgeball sessions then Trevor would be extremely pleased.

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