b_vs_cranleigh_bTeam: Kelli Bird, Pauline Lipscombe, Nicky Stewart, Sean O'Brien, Michael Hammond, Ben Cook, Ross Corbishley, Brad McBain, Andrew Wilcock, Hilton Quinn, Matthew Hodgkin, Robert Stone-Ward, Tom Penrose, Paul Wesley, Mark Lowery

Coach: Dave Bush

Basingstoke-B 9, Cranleigh-B 7

Our top match with Cranleigh B generated much interest and the whole A team turned out to watch or was it just a coincidence? After a quick photo of the A team for the Gazette's Team of the Week the match started off, and from the beginning Basingstoke outnumbered Cranleigh in all areas of the pitch, especially the subs bench :)

This was likely to be a toughly contested match since Cranleigh A narrowly lost to Basingstoke A on Tuesday and Cranleigh B lost 9-8 last time they played Basingstoke B team.

Basingstoke's youngest player, Paul, opened the scoring with an assist from one of the oldest, sorry Andy, 1-0 to Basingstoke. Things continued to go Basingstoke's way as Kelli drove one home to make it 2-0. Cranleigh were having all sorts of trouble, but at the end of the quarter it became apparent that one of their team had injured his hand during the warm-up. Unfortunately Cranleigh had no subs, so decided to play the second quarter with six players as a man down practise.

Basingstoke took immediate advantage and played some great man up polo that was a joy to watch as coach. Ross scored such a great goal that you could hear the echo of the ball on the subs bench as it slammed into the back of the Cranleigh goal. Cranleigh in desperation asked Basingstoke A team player, Trace Morgan, to play for them. The addition of an A team player on the Cranleigh side changed the whole make-up of the game. Basingstoke defence went to pieces and some how young Paul ended up marking the Cranleigh hole man, 2-1!! There was mix up between Pauline and Andy making it 2-2. Sean did a marvellous save, but then took the ball under and in the confusion it was 2-3. Not wishing to miss out on the festival of polo cock-ups, Rob skied one from point blank. Finally, Cranleigh number 3 put one in from halfway to finish the quarter 4-3 ahead.

There was no giving up by Basingstoke and Nicky opened the third quarter with a fine goal to level the match at 4-4. Cranleigh responded quickly to make it 4-5. Then Mike levelled the score again at the end of a sweet move involving the whole team to make it 5-5. Unfortunately a last second goal by Cranleigh's number 3, made the score 5-6 to Cranleigh going into the fourth.

In the last quarter Basingstoke's strength in numbers really started to tell as the goals poured in from Kelli, Hilton, Rob and Mike. Cranleigh only managed one in response. Final score 9-7 to Basingstoke

A big thank you to all those who turned up and didn't get a mention in this report (you know who you are)

Quote of the Match: 2012 here we come

Man of the match: Mark for catching the right train

Donkey of the match: Trace, for playing for the wrong team

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