Basingstoke B v Portsmouth

Team: Sean O'Brien, David Trewhella, Mark Lowery, Michael Hammond, Andrew Wilcock, Phil Parfitt,  Ross Corbishley, Ben Cook     Coach: Dave Bush

Basingstoke-B 7, Portsmouth 6

Everything seemed to be conspiring against us for this match, as one problem followed another on the Thursday evening. First Hilton calls to say he couldn't make it, so we're down to 8 players, then Mark catches a train that doesn't stop at Basingstoke, so ends up in Woking. Then the traffic is murder as we desperately try to make it to Collingwood for 7.45.

With just two widths warm-up we're straight into the match. Portsmouth take possession from the swim off, but Basingstoke quickly win it back and are up challenging the Portsmouth goal when there's a blatant foul and Trevor awards Basingstoke a penalty. Mark steps up to take the penalty and seems to have forgotten his contact lenses as he hits the woodwork. However Mark redeems himself by scoring from the re-bound, 1-0 Basingstoke.

Portsmouth restart and very quickly are threatening goal. The Pompey number 3, gets a lucky turn in off pit defender Andy and its 1-1. Pompey number 3, then repeats exactly the same move a few minutes later and we're beginning to think its not luck as Pompey score again 1-2. Pompey number 5, not wishing to miss out on all the fun, copies number 3's trick and its 1-3 to Pompey.

Mike finishes the quarter by setting up for a beautiful top corner shot, but narrowly misses some of the ceiling tiles as the ball heads off into orbit over the Portsmouth goal

Second quarter and the juniors are getting in on the action with a deft flick from Ben across the goal mouth to Ross, who knocks it over the bar. Do'h. Then its Andy's turn to get in on the attacking action, but is fouled. Mark hoping to banish his demons from the first quarter penalty, again steps up to take the penalty, but this time there is no mistake and its 2-3

On a high Mark drops back to help in defence, but a bit of bad luck and the ref majors him out. Mark quickly rejoins the game, only to be sent out again. Not wishing to miss out, Mike tries to drown a Portsmouth junior and joins Mark in the race for major king of the match.

Despite some good defending by Sean and Dave T, Portsmouth capitalise on all these major antics and number 5 scores again to make it 3 all.

Quarter 3 starts and Ross is halfway to the halfway line before the ref has even blown his whistle. How he didn't get the ball, is a matter for debate.

Phil, Ross and Dave T, set up a bit of champagne polo that was just beautiful to watch as the ball sails across the pitch from Phil to Ross, then back to Dave T who finishes perfectly to make it 4-3. Soon after Dave T is in possession again, lobs his marker and then beats the keeper, only to be denied by the cross bar :(

Pompey number 5, is quick to strike back and sneaks one round Mark to make it 4 all.

Now Mike redeems his earlier miss, by slamming one past the Portsmouth keeper to make it 5-4.

Andy doesn't want to miss out on the major king award, so attempts to submerge a Portsmouth player, but the ref is too quick, so Andy is majored. Portsmouth very quickly take advantage and its 5 all.

Quarter 4 starts and Dave T is playing like a man possessed. Two quick backhanders in a row and the score is 7-5. Portsmouth number 10 is quick to respond and drives a shot low and hard past Sean to make the final score 7-6.

Final Score 7-6 to Basingstoke

Man of the match: Dave T for those beautiful backhanders in the 4th

Donkey of the match: Mark, for catching the wrong train.

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