Playing away the Bluefins didn’t have a good start by only having four players but Southampton were kind enough to fill the team up with some of their players.

The first quarter started well with Kelli Bird taking a chance shot from out wide and scoring the opening goal for the Bluefins. Shortly after, Kat Green beat the Southampton goalkeeper to score the second goal for the Bluefins. Lizzie Godfrey was in goal, and after a slight hesitation and letting one goal slip past she made some excellent saves to keep the first quarter at 2-1 to the Bluefins.

It was now Bird’s turn in goal and after a good save had a fierce shot bounce off her head into the goal. Thankfully the defence kept Southampton at bay for a while until one attacker broke free. One on one with Bird, the sight of her bobbing around in goal was obviously too much for the attacker who shot miles wide of the quivering goal. Possession turned over and Godfrey beat the Southampton defence to score a goal, finishing the second quarter 3-2.

A frustrated Southampton team pulled out all the stops to try and score past Godfrey, again in goal, succeeding only once. Bird was defending in the pit and through no apparent fault of her own was sent out for a foul. Despite being a woo-man up Southampton still couldn’t score, bouncing the ball off the cross bar. Pauline Lipscombe made a shot from outside 5m but the goalkeeper held it safe for Southampton, keeping everyhting to play for. Some good teamwork and quality passing resulted in Green scoring her second goal for the team to finish the third quarter 4-3.

The final quarter started with a Bluefins advantage but possession was lost and Southampton proceeded towards their opponent’s goal. The goalkeeper made the save but gave away a penalty in the process. The penalty was scored to bring the score level at 4-4. In the final minutes the Bluefins managed to steal the ball and make a break for goal. Bird and Godfrey made an excellent pairing up front passing between each other leaving the lone defender thoroughly confused. The Bird/Godfrey combination resulted in Bird scoring the final goal of the match making it a win for the Bluefins at 5-4.

A fantastically close and energised match allowing the Bluefins Ladies to gain confidence for their up and coming tournament, held at the Aquadrome at 1.30pm on Sunday 27th November. Spectators welcome.

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