Published in The Monday Gazette on 30/09/02.

A rejuvenated Basingstoke team comfortably dismantled the Essex team of Harlow on Tuesday (10.09.02) with a 12-3 victory to the visiting team.

For the 5th consecutive game Allan Fairhead was top scorer, getting a goal in each quarter. At the other end of play keeper Richard Sasson and central defender Paul Adams put on a very solid performance keeping the goal deficit low, the latter even sneeking in a goal from 8m out. The 2 Steves (Paton and Fairhead) absorbed the worst from this physical team but kept their cool throughout, Fairhead Jr. getting a lovely goal in the first quarter.

Ben Nayor had a good game scoring 3 goals in the 2nd quarter in the deep, dispite being a shallow end specialist. Gavin Bridger also had a marvellous game getting back his form after a year out, with 2 decisive goals in the first half. The final goal came from Trace Morgan who made the most of a man-up with a Power-play set piece.


1.R. Sasson 6.G.Bridger
2.S. Paton 9.T. Morgan
3.B. Naylor 10.S. Fairhead
4.P. Adams 11.A. Fairhead

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