Team: Sean, Gavin, David, Mark, Michael, Brad, Andrew, Hilton, Phil, Gerry. Coach Dave

This game could be the turning point for Basingstoke B's fortunes as new keeper, veteran and head coach Gerry Lay stepped up to the net to defend Basingstoke's honour in the goal mouth.

The rivalry between these teams showed early on as Mike was awarded a penalty in the opening quarter. Unfortunately nerves got the better of him and he spooned it wide to groans and eyeore's from the Basingstoke bench. The team quickly rallied and Andy set up Brad in a team move that could easily have been mistaken for National league, a clinical finish resulting in 1-0 to Basingstoke. Straight on the back of this opener Phil followed up with a lovely goal making it 2-0. Cranleigh then took one back in a highly unfair move shooting way above Gerry's head, 2-1.

As the quarter drew to a close, Hilton broke loose of his marker and in a piece of champagne polo, driving in from way out, turned, received the ball and spun quickly before burying it in the left corner. 3-1 as the quarter finished.

The second quarter saw Cranleigh looking to bring themselves back into the match and to be fair, had a much improved quarter, taking 3 quick goals. The only saving grace was a lovely goal by Dave T to leave the quarter 4-4 at half-time.

Four goals each at the start of the third and it was still anyone's game. Sean took the game straight to Cranleigh's goal mouth and unleashed a thunderbolt that crashed into the back of the net, 5-4 to Basingstoke. Before Cranleigh had time to recover, Gav received the ball, free and clear on the right, and from my angle it looked like he missed the goal by miles, but Gav assures me that it was just
perspective. Unperturbed Gav struck again and with assistance from all the team and even some yelling from the bench, steered one between the posts to make it
6-4. However Cranleigh weren't ready to give up yet, and pulled one back to finish the quarter 6-5

Tension was rising in the final quarter, but the cool head of Dave T showed Basingstoke the way to go with a quick goal, 7-5. Again Cranleigh came straight back with no let up in the pressure to sneak one past Gerry to make it 7-6.

Mark in his first game for Basingstoke, rounded off a quality performance by slamming one home to make it 8-6. Phil then shot one that the A team would have been proud of, narrowly missing the ceiling as it sliced over the bar on its
way into orbit.

The final few minutes were tight and tempers flared as Cranleigh repeatedly tried, and on one occasion were successful, in fouling Basingstoke. Man-up, and
Dave T looked to put the final nail in the coffin for Cranleigh with a gift pass on the left, shooting hard at the keepers outstretched hand... "Superb
keeping" said Dave T.

Final Score 8-6 to Basingstoke. We look forward to another close game when Cranleigh return to play us at the Aquadrome.

Men of the match: Gerry for stopping half a dozen balls...most of them pass backs :)

Donkey of the match: Mike, for spooning that penalty in the first.

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