Thank you to all those who made it up to Wallsall for the weekend, especially considering the horrible drive at 7:30 on a Sunday Evening. Well played to all especially those who played in the hole, and those who played their best polo of the season so far. (ensure you read the bit about the squad selection at the end).



A quick round up - South Derbyshire - the less said the better, we certainly let ourselves down - but I genuinely think we can compete against this team it just proved to be completely not our day. (Some good defence against a static set-up, good pressure on the opposition holeman).



Sheffield - Our best game of the weekend, a good team performance with a vastly improved game all round, I was especially pleased with the "can do" attitude and the several comebacks, being behind was never an issue mentally. We played intelligent polo on attack with a much more patient buildup on attack which lead to the goals, when we made poor decisions was when we didn't score. Defensively there was poor communication with very little awareness of what was going on around us, this lead to most of there goals. A much better game.


Bristol Uni - dissappointing to give away a 3 goal lead, especially as we were definitely the better team. I think the fact that is was our second game of the day vs their first cost us. Physically and mentally we looked a bit tired in the second half. Again some poor decision making cost a number of goals. However a draw is better than a loss.


The weekend leaves still in 5th place with two teams 3 points behind us in table.

Two games on Saturday- Warley and Newcastle - the latter being a must win against a Newcastle side who continue to improve. Sunday is Caledonia.

Please can EVERYONE confirm availability (the squad is below), as per our discussion at Nottingham - we now have a "big" squad which at present means one person sitting out each game this weekend (everyone is guaranteed 2 games a weekend) . Please be prepared to be told that you will be rested for a game - there is a real possability that anyone could be rested (including people who have been starting 7). If you do not think you can deal with being rested speak to me or Gerry ASAP - remember this is a team game and these decisions are neither easy nor taken without thought. Either Gerry or I will tell you personally before teams are announced if you are number 14.

Chris S
Mike S
Paul A
Paul H
Stephen P
Stephen F
Gavin B
Trevor J
Nick L
Andreas K
Ben N
Trace M
Richard S

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