Team: Kelli Bird, Pauline Lipscombe, Sean O'Brien, Michael Hammond, Trace Morgan, Ben Cook, Brad McBain, Nihar Rach, Steve Fairhead, Coach: Dave Bush

Cranleigh-B 7, Basingstoke-B 5

Good start to the winter season for the B team, we won the second half 3-1. Unfortunately we took a while to gel in the first half, despite a superb opening goal from Brad. Our lack of a recent B team match,
and hence practise for the new players meant we lost it 2-6. Hence final score was 5-7.

Quote of the Match: That number ten is never gonna have children if he does that again

Man of the match: Ben for a cracking goal in the last quarter from the pit! Donkey of the match: Steve for a bit of a fumble in the goal mouth

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