Team: Anna Price, Gilly Wise, Katherine Walker, Kelli Bird, Kerry Martyn, Laura Murray, Lizzie Godfrey, Nicky Stewart, Pauline Lipscombe

Basingstoke Ladies 8, Andover Ladies & Juniors 5

Basingstoke Ladies once again lured their opponents into a false sense of security by letting them take an early lead (after 30 seconds!) before captain Kelli evened the scores with a goal a few minutes later. Andover unfortunately then scored their second goal to finish the quarter with 2-1 lead.

The second quarter proved to be much better as Lizzie claimed a goal after a couple of minutes to even the scores again. This was shortly followed by a goal from Katherine (which finally ends her goal drought – woo hoo!) and another from Nicky to give Basingstoke a 4-2 lead. Some “useless” and “practically non-existent” defending from Laura (she’s very sorry!) meant that Andover’s Julia was able to put the ball past 2nd-quarter goalkeeper Kelli, from 7m, to bring the score to 4-3.

Lizzie started the third quarter of the match by scoring her second goal to once again put Basingstoke two goals ahead. This didn’t last long as Nicky’s pass back to Laura, now in goal, fell well short of the intended target and Andover were able to slot it into the back of the Basingstoke net – pity we didn’t award donkey as there could have been quite a battle for the title between Laura and Nicky!

The fourth quarter saw Lizzie “I’m afraid of the ball when in goal” Godfrey put on the keeper hat. The quarter began well with a goal from Laura but was followed a minute later by another goal from Andover to take the score to 6-5. Some superb saves from Lizzie meant Basingstoke clung to their one goal lead before Katherine, now well and truly rid her goal drought, scored the final two goals of the game to end the match 8-5 to Basingstoke.

I think it’s worth mentioning that no one was sent out during the match. Pauline - you’re obvious slipping! That’s no way to win the Major Queen crown!

Woo-man of the match: Lizzie Godfrey

Donkey of the match: No one as Coach Brad decided we all played well – ahhhhhh!

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