Team: Andy Wilcox, Ben Mitchell, Dave Bush, Gerry Lay, Kelli Bird, Laura Murray, Nick Bristo, Nicky Stewart, Pauline Lipscombe

Cranleigh-B 5, Basingstoke-B 6

Let me just start with……………..WE WON ONE!!!!

Now that I’ve got that out of my system I can tell you that the first and only goal of the first quarter came from Nick as he set Basingstoke off to a good start with a one-goal lead. The rest of the quarter was fairly uneventful and ended with Basingstoke leading 1-0.

The second quarter began with a Basingstoke blitz on the Cranleigh goal – three goals in a row came from Nicky, Andy and Nick. Unfortunately Basingstoke then fell asleep and let Cranleigh score four goals in a row to end the quarter tied at 4-4.

The situation was rectified by Kelli in the third quarter when she scored the only goal of this quarter to put Basingstoke ahead once again – you can always depend on the girls!! The quarter proved to be a rather physical one as a Cranleigh player sped towards goal with only Gerry between the posts to stop him. Gerry took it upon himself to launch himself from the goal towards the Cranleigh player in a scenario only ever seen before on WWF. The leap resulted in Gerry performing the ‘flying head butt’ move and the poor Cranleigh player was nearly reduced to tears as the match was halted temporarily!

The closely fought fourth quarter started with a goal from Cranleigh to level the score at 5-5 (boo!) but a final goal from Basingstoke (woo hoo!) half way through the quarter and some good defending to protect the lead meant that Basingstoke emerged worthy winners. The match ended 5-6.

I believe that may have been the best the B-team has ever played - now we need to repeat it!!

Man of the match: Gerry for the magnificent ‘flying head butt’!

Donkey of the match: As always – Bushy!

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