Team: Anna Price, Gilly Wise, Helen Beckley, Katherine Walker, Kelli Bird, Kerry Martyn, Laura Murray, Leanne Bird, Lizzie Godfrey, Nicky Stewart, Pauline Lipscombe

Basingstoke Ladies 5, Wessex Ladies 9

The first girlie match of the season was played at home against Wessex Ladies and the first quarter did not begin well as Basingstoke quickly slipped to a two-goal deficit. After receiving a rather nasty and quite unnecessary punch in the nose, Laura decided the best revenge was to get Basingstoke onto the score sheet. This was achieved shortly after Wessex’s second goal when Kelli passed the ball to Laura at the 7m line and she finally scored from this area! About time too! After numerous shots from Katherine, without any being successful, the quarter ended 1-2 to Wessex.

The second quarter proved to be even more disastrous as Wessex scored another 3 goals and all Basingstoke achieved was an exclusion - coming from Leanne. Congratulations Leanne, that’s the first girlie exclusion of the season. Katherine yet again had a quarter that consisted of many shots towards the goal vicinity – unfortunately none were actually on target. The quarter finished 1-5.

Lizzie “we don’t know the rules” Godfrey having returned from travelling only a few weeks earlier decided to make an impact on the game by scoring the first goal of the third quarter to take the score to 2-5. Unfortunately Wessex scored again before Kelli slotted the ball neatly into the Wessex goal to take the score to 3-6. It took Lizzie 3 attempts to ‘fumble’ the ball past the keeper for her 2nd goal but it was achieved eventually! The score was becoming slightly more respectable until Wessex managed to put two more goals past the 3rd quarter keeper - Laura ‘butterfingers’ Murray. She would like to take this opportunity to apologise for that appalling bit of goal keeping. The third quarter ended 4-8 after Katherine missed a few more! – I think a pattern is developing!

The fourth quarter began with a major foul from Lizzie. This was shortly followed by a lovely goal from the bruised and battered Nicky to pull Basingstoke back to within 3 goals of Wessex. Kelli’s “goaliness in goal” (quote from Mini Bird – Leanne) meant that most of Wessex’s shots were saved with the exception of one. The game ended 5-9 after………….wait for it………….Katherine had a few more shots off target! With a bit of luck she’s got that out of her system and will back to her usual self for the match against Southampton Uni on 2nd December.

Threatening post-match quote from Captain Bird “You WILL do better next time!”

Woo-man of the match: Lizzie Godfrey

Donkey of the match: Katherine Walker

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