1. Look to play the game on attack from the halfway up, get to the half way then look to get the ball from the keeper, if you are on a break expect the ball to come don't turn around until you get about 5 meters out from the goal.

2. Remember to keep our shape; this must be achieved at the top of the pool not from the half way.

3. Keep the ball moving around the arc whilst looking for the holeman to be open, even if you can't see an obvious 'move', remember to use everyone in the team, including the wings.

4. Extra-man, quality of the pass on attack is important - draw the keeper and pass. On defence if you are at the top get your hands up, if you are in the back three shift quickly, and remember to get that outside arm up asap.

5. Defending, get back in our half as soon as we lose the ball (don't admire the shot etc) and then look for people to mark,
AWARENESS and communication, don't let people swim past you because you are already marking someone.

6. Defending the Arc, remember to watch the ball and sit just off your attacker, look for the quick steal on a bad pass.

7. If you give a foul away on the arc, take a couple of strokes back and stop the easy pass into the hole. (Everyone else then press your man, once the pass is away back to your man if you dropped).

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