Meeting started at 19:00

Apologies:- Katherine, Neal, Ben Mitchell, Rob , Allan, Nicki, Kerry, Brad

Attendees::- Ben Naylor, Paul Adams, Steve Paton, Kelli, Laura, Nihar, Dave Bush, Gerry Lay, Steve Fairhead, Steve Paton, Pauline, Gavin


Captains reports:

Kelli, Dave B and Steve P reported on their year as Captains both Kelli and Dave thanked the ‘A’ for their support during training and matches Steve P stated that this has been a difficult year for the ‘A’ team mainly but overall as a team he has seen an improvement.

Coaches report:

Gerry said the success of the year had been the forming of the Ladies team and especially their first victory in the London League hopefully the start of many more. The club has grown over the last 18 months we now have 3 teams and juniors coming though. But we still have the mentality of a 1 team club this must change. The down side to the year has been some ‘issues’ seen in the ‘A’ team due to personality clashes and overall attendance at training sessions (This caused a good discussion see later)

Election of Officers:

Chairman/General Secretary:- Gerry

Fixture Secretaries:-

‘A’ team - Allan

Ladies and ‘B’ Team- Pauline

‘A’ Team Captain:- Steve Paton

‘A’ team Vice Captain:- Paul Adams ( with assistance from Ben Naylor)

‘B’ team Captain:- Dave Bush

‘B’ Team Vice Captain:- To be voted for by the ‘b’ team players/juniors. Dave Bush to organise

Ladies Captain:- Kelli Bird

Ladies Vice Captain:- Pauline Lipscombe

‘A’ Team Coach:- Gerry Lay

‘B’ Team Coach:- Dave Bush

Ladies Coach:- Brad McBain

Steve Fairhead

Webmaster/Publicity:- Gavin Bridger

Social Secretaries:- Pauline Lipscombe, Nihar Rach

Membership Secretary:- Steve Paton

What’s Next:-

During the coaches report it was discussed the issues around the ‘A’ team and the quality of training they get. It was decided that from when the current fixture/league commitments run out (October) instead of trying to play every match on a Tuesday night and leave Thursdays for Training we would try a new format:-

‘A’ team Matches - Tuesdays

‘B’ /Ladies team - Thursdays

But where ever possible ensure we have at least one training session per week.

Whilst everyone is welcome to train on any night Tuesdays will be for the ‘A’ team to train together and be the main focus of the coach ( assuming numbers warrant….) with Thursdays being used to concentrate on ladies/junior etc with support from ‘A’ team.

‘A’ team vice captains to help more with arranging a team due to Steve P night shifts.

During the year there will be bi-monthly committee meetings –Gerry to arrange...

Team meetings to discuss training/Tactics build team

Coaches meetings to discuss ideas and try and keep training more structure

Request to the swimming club the possibility of having a couple of lanes on Tuesday and Thursdays for swimming training before the actual polo session

This was generally a very positive meeting so please support those people elected in their roles and help the club grow.

For all those who attended let me know if I’ve missed out anything important.

Kelli/Dave/Steve P if you want to send everyone your reports please feel free)

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