Team: Julia Middleton, Kat Green, Katherine Walker, Katie White, Katy Cooper (GK), Kelli Bird, Kerry Martyn, Laura Murray, Leanne Bird, Nicky Stewart, Pauline Lipscombe, Sarah Curtis

The first leg of the final took place at home giving Basingstoke a home advantage (supposedly!). We didn't exactly benefit from this when a slightly nervous start for the team enabled Otter to break through and score the first goal. And the second. And the third. And the fourth. And, surprisingly, the fifth! The first quarter ended a pitiful 0-5 - oops! Nicky, keeper for this disastrous first quarter, was heard to announce rather loudly that "It wasn't me!" (in true shaggy style). She believes the team are entirely responsible and frankly, I don't blame her!

The second quarter produced a much better performance by Basingstoke. The defence improved dramatically and the team upped their 'aggressive tactical violence', shown by Kerry's first major foul! Although we were still unable to score, Otter only managed gain another 2 to end the quarter 0-7 (not quite a record!).

The third quarter meant it was now Laura's turn to put on the keeper hat. The first goal of the quarter actually came from Basingstoke! Our first goal of the game! Woo hoo! The goal came from Kat and was so long coming that some of the spectators started a Mexican wave to celebrate! Some nice defending during this quarter prevented Otter scoring on many occasions, for which Laura is still very grateful! She would also like to take this opportunity to thank the nameless individual who gave away a penalty meaning that the ball was flung at her head at what seemed like a million miles per hour. Needless to say, the penalty was not saved and the score at the end of third quarter was 1-9.

Otter opened the fourth quarter with yet another goal before Kat scored Basingstoke's second - cue more cheering and another Mexican wave! Otter were then awarded a penalty after Basingstoke's violent captain Kelli hit one of their players. Her sister Leanne, now in goal, was obviously very grateful for the opportunity to have a ball flung at her head too. Again, penalty scored. The final goal of the game came after Laura produced what is probably only the second sprint towards goal she has ever made, threw the ball into the pit and was partially drowned in the process. Thankfully a penalty was awarded and duly scored giving Basingstoke their third goal of the match. The match finished 3-11.

Although the match finished 3-11, the team have once again decided to disregard certain quarters, namely the first one, giving a final, and much more respectable, score of 3-6! I wonder if we can convince Otter to disregard the first quarter too………

Woo-Man of the match: Nicky Stewart

Donkey of the Match: The whole team for that abysmal first quarter!

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