Senior Mens Squad

Sunday and Tuesday's at the Basingstoke Aquadrome

We play in the Hampshire league, ( A and B teams ) South East region League and invitational Tournaments. Friendlies are arranged to introduce players into the squad and allow a transition from the junior squads.

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Senior Ladies Squad

Thursday's at the Basingstoke Aquadrome

Open to any female player who wishes to play water polo. Currently, we compete in the London League and friendlies and invitation tournaments.

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Juniors Squad

Thursday's at the Basingstoke Aquadrome

We have u/15 and u/19 teams competing in the London league plus we run 2 tournaments a year for under 14 and under 16 but also cater for those wishing just to learn the game and play in ‘friendly’ games against teams of a similar level.

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Academy Squad

Friday's at the Aquadrome

Open to anyone from 9-15 yrs wishing to learn the sport of Waterpolo plays friendly competitive matches against other local teams the only criteria for this session is to be able to swim 50m and be confident in an all deep pool (1.8m).

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Culdrose Tournament

Culdrose Tournament Weekend

Every year our senior men’s and ladies squads compete at RNAS Culdrose in their annual waterpolo tournament. The event is a mixture of competitive waterpolo and socialising with camping and barbeques.

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Lady Richmond Brown Tournament

Lady Richmond Brown Tournament

The Lady Richmond Brown is the showcase event of Hampshire water polo. Eight top waterpolo teams from throughout Hampshire compete in an all day event hosted annually involving two groups and a series of playoffs.

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Basingstoke Bluefins Waterpolo Club

Basingstoke Bluefins Junior’s Progress into Qualification round of ASA National Age Groups…

Bluefins Junior team (Players born 1995 & under) has progressed into the ASA National Age Group Junior Boys Qualification round to be held at Liverpool Aquatics Centre on 13th and 14th April following last weekend’s Preliminary round at held at Watford Woodside leisure Centre.

The Bluefins team made of up a mix of Christchurch Seagulls players and Basingstoke Bluefins continuing the partnership of the past 2 seasons as the top players from each club play and train together to be able to compete at a national level.

Saturday March 16th saw Bluefins compete against some of the best water polo teams from around the country in the first round of the ASA national club competition.

A packed stand of spectators at Woodside witnessed a very high standard of polo, teams featuring a large number of players training with the GB talent squads in Cardiff. Currently no player from the Bluefins squad is training in these talent squads…

Bluefins group included the 2nd and 3rd seeds in the competition, playing matches against Solihull, Castleford, Manchester, Sheffield and Watford

Bluefins first game was against 2nd seeds Sheffield following a nervous start a goal by Cianan Mann gave Bluefins a half time lead and Bluefins started the second half with more confidence scoring 4 more goals in the first 2 minutes without response Sheffield tried to come back into the game and scored a late consolation goal to give the Bluefins a 5-1 victory over the team that game 2nd in the country last year.

Scorers: - Cianan Mann 1, Charlie Roberts 2, Sam Webber 1, Jackson Mullins 1
Majors: - Jackson Mullins

Next game was up against 3rd Seeds Manchester Bluefins knowing Manchester reputation started slowly conceding the first goal but some great saves by keeper Mikey Kingsley kept the Bluefins in the game before goals from Sam Webber (2) and Charlie Roberts without response gave Bluefins a deserved 2 goal lead but Manchester showed their class with a response just before half time to leave Bluefins leading by 1. The second half was a frustrating experience for the Bluefins coaches as the Bluefins failed to make the best of several great chances and all their good counter attacking play was rewarded with a solitary goal from Josh Lay after 2 mins of play which Manchester responded to within 30 secs is took another 2 minutes of play before Bluefins could restore their 2 goal advantage through Elliot Wilks Manchester fought back but despite conceding some inevitable major the Bluefins defence held firm conceding just the one towards the end to win 5-4

Scorers: - Sam Webber 2, Charlie Roberts 1, Josh Lay 1, Elliot Wilks 1
Majors: - Josh Lay 2 Elliot Wilks 2, James Stone 1

The next match was against Solihull who had also won their first two games, Solihull took a quick lead as Bluefins made an unusually slow start but the Bluefins came straight back with a Charlie Roberts goal but Bluefins were struggling to contain the Solihull centre forward as the responded with 2 quick goals to give them a 2 goal lead Jackson Mullins then pulled a goal back for the Bluefins but Solihull responded with 2 unanswered goals James Stone pulled one back for the Basingstoke side with a 7 meter shot But once again Solihull responded and despite a goal on the half time whistle by Charlie Roberts Solihull went into half time with a 2 goal lead 6-4. The second half continued in the same vain with Bluefins never quite getting the scoreboard equal and despite 5 second half goals Solihull always maintained their advantage eventually winning 14-9 The only consolation for Bluefins was they scored more against the eventually undefeated Solihull team than any other side…

Scorers:- Cianan Mann 2, Elliot Wilks 2, Charlie Roberts 2, James Stone 1 Ali Rogers 1 Jackson Mullins 1
Majors:- James Stone 3, Ali Rogers 1 Cianan Mann 1 Josh Lay 1

The following game matches Bluefins against Castleford, the opposition took the lead within the first minute but a goal from Charlie Roberts soon restored parity then Elliot Wilks won a penalty which was duly dispatched by Josh Lay to give a 2-1 lead. Roberts fired in another to give Bluefins a 2 goal advantage but Castleford soon pulled a goal back before David Gallagher popped up for his first goal of the tournament to restore the Bluefins 2 goal advantage at half time. As the Bluefins started to tire from the exploits earlier in the day Castleford fought back and despite goals from Wilks, and Mann, Bluefins had to rely on the defense to keep them in the game as with a minute 30 seconds left in the game Castleford took a 7-6 lead but Bluefins showed character in still coming back and created an opportunity for Josh Lay to convert to tie the game despite both coaches calling timeouts within the last minute no further goals were scored leaving the game tied at 7-7

Scorers: - Josh Lay 2 Charlie Roberts 2, Cianan Mann1 David Gallagher I Elliot Wilks 1
Majors: - Josh Lay 2 Charlie Roberts 2 Jackson Mullins 1

Final game of the day saw a very exhausted Bluefins take on Home team Watford how needed to win themselves to qualify for the next round, Bluefins defense held firm but the Watford centre forward helped himself to 2 goals without response in the first half to leave Bluefins trailing 2-0 , the second half was similar with Watford adding another 3 without response before James Stone with another of his long range efforts and a first in tournament for Dan Hutton gained some respectability for the Bluefins team final score 5-2

Scorers: - James Stone 1 Dan Hutton 1
Majors: - James Stone 2 Cianan Mann 1

Head Coach Rob Webber commented at the end to the team “We rode our luck at times BUT the commitment to the team that you all showed was first class. We've never done that before with our own home-grown players.  You should all be immensely proud of what you have achieved. You are worthy of your place at Liverpool”

team: Mikey Kingsley, Elliot Wilks, Jackson Mullins, David Gallagher, Ali Rogers, James Stone, Cianan Mann, Sam Webber, DAn Hutton, Charlie Roberts and Josh LAy

Coach Rob Webber

Team Manager Gerry Lay

 Final Score: 7-3 Win



Clinton Leopold


Daniel James


Matt Harding


Josh Cornwell


James Fleming


James Stone


James Masson


Jack Taylor


Alex Pullen


Richard Kesteven


Luke Sawyer



First half

Quarter 1 saw Bluefins take a 2 goal lead. Many chances were created for the team due to some brilliant team play. First to score was Josh Cornwell with a shot unreachable for the goal keeper. Another goal was soon to come at the hands of James Stone.

In quarter 2, Portsmouth equalled the Bluefins performance in a well battled quarter. The score for the quarter was 1-1 with a goal from James Stone in the closing minutes. This quarter again showed the vision of the passing in the team as many shooting opportunities arose but were not converted due to a strong performance from the Portsmouth goal keeper.

The first half was fantastic for goal keeper Clinton Leopold, saving many shots to keep the team in front. This was also aided by a strong defensive performance from James Fleming preventing chances from the pit. Jack Taylor and Josh Cornwell were also working continuously on counter attacks tiring the Portsmouth defence. Score at half time 6-3.


Second Half

The third quarter resulted Bluefins extending their lead to 3 goals despite Portsmouth mounting a comeback. James Masson was first to score, early in the quarter. This was followed quickly by another for James Stone. Portsmouth replied with 2 goals from No.5. Matt Harding worked hard for a shot throughout the quarter and was unlucky not to score. The quarter was about to end when James Stone scored with 1 second left on the clock.

In the final quarter both teams began to tire, this lead to a few more long shots being taken. Alex Pullen and Richard Kesteven worked well to neutralise attacks from Portsmouth with some blocks and closing down Portsmouth’s goal scorer No.5. The only goal of the quarter came from a great shot from Josh Cornwell in the closing stages.

Throughout the half Luke Sawyer challenged the Portsmouth defence with a few shots a lot of movement in the pool. Daniel James also made a considerable effort when initiating the counter attack.

Final score 7-3 Win for Basingstoke. Overall a great team performance showing the improvements that have been made across the season.

On Sunday, Basingstoke’s Senior A team hosted a strong Guildford team at the Aquadrome. 

Despite defending hard in the first quarter, Guildford finished 1 – 0 up. Basingstoke had many chances through the 2nd and 3rd quarters and managed to convert a few. Guildford’s goalkeeper made a number of exceptional saves and Guildford capitalised on the counter attack to leave Basingstoke trailing going into the final quarter.  At the end of the 4th the score was Basingstoke 5 – Guildford 15.

Basingstoke have more games coming up in the next few weeks and will need to make more space on the attack if they are to get better results.

Team: Mike Steer, Tristan White, James Stone, Josh Lay, Trevor Jones, Matt Girle, Mike Sheath, Dave Trewhella, Trace Morgan, Sean Peart

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